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“DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers. This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 28th biggest direct selling company in the world..”

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Ganoderma Coffee

Caffeine is known to stimulate the bodys nervous system causing an instant jolt that later on staves off and leaves a person craving for another fix. For busy workers who have to log in excessively long hours or assume projects that entail erratic schedules, the energy boost coffee provides is an indispensable benefit. But once blood sugar levels start falling leaving one more tired and restless, it becomes evident that coffees temporary enhancing power doesnt provide the body with the energy it actually needs.If this doesn't seem to be a cause for concern, think again. 

Caffeine can affect the central brain causing fluctuating appetite, anxiety, and confusion. Before one notices, cold sweats, muscular tremors, and increased heartbeats are breaking out. While its sensible to bring back centeredness with the aid of an invigorating and accessible beverage, compromising ones well-being isnt an option. Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom, traditionally used in Japan and China as a medicinal herb that combats chronic and degenerative diseases, has been combined with peoples favorite coffee beans to produce Ganoderma or Gano coffee.
 It presents a healthy alternative to drinkers, streamlining coffee to what its supposed to berich, aromatic, and less superficially energy giving. Each regular java cup contains about 150-200 mg of caffeine while Gano coffee only contains 9 mg. Its stress-relieving quality enables one to concentrate longer, sleep sounder, and operate calmer. This is in part caused by increased oxygenation in the brain and prevention of neurotransmitter reduction which is associated to ingesting stimulants. 
In addition, stimulants, if taken on a regular basis, cause a depletion of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the long haul. Low serotonin levels lead to decreased immunity, an irony considering the everyday boost one tries to derive from drinking coffee. Ganoderma addresses this by strengthening the bodys immune system and allowing it to fight various pathogens. Another point to consider is caffeines low pH balance. 
A pH value of less than the neutral 7 indicates acidity. While the body strives to maintain a balanced pH, caffeine with approximately 5.5 pH counters this effort by making it difficult for the body to incorporate nutrients. Ganoderma, meanwhile, contains a neutral pH of 7.3 to 7.5, enabling the body to efficiently regenerate cells and detoxify. Despite these advantages, it is still best to integrate varied nutrients into ones diet. Ganoderma may cause dry throat and nose, offset anticoagulants and chemotherapeutic agents, and bring nausea. Its benefits, on the other hand, far outweigh the possible disadvantages.

 For best results, settle for a larger span of nutritious foods instead of depending on one super vitamin. With regard to packaging, Ganoderma coffee is as versatile as the old standard coming in mocha, chocolate, or ginseng varieties, instant, 3-in-1, or brewed forms. Old habits are hard to undo but these options may take ones mind off the idea that Gano coffee is something less than coffee. Most people think of relatively new concepts as mere alternatives but Gano coffee steps outside this label. It provides a healthy choice without reducing the familiarly savory quality of coffee drinkers are accustomed to and attempts to offer profits far more than what one expects from the usual cup.

Benefits of Ganoderma

A lot of buzz has been raised about Ganoderma thanks to its numerous health benefits. While there are several species of Ganoderma mushrooms, the one that people usually refer to is Ganoderma lucidum, otherwise known as reiishi mushroom. This article takes a look at some of the health benefits attributed to this species of Ganoderma mushroom. 
 Some of the health benefits you can experience by taking products containing Ganoderma are:

 • Higher immunity to allergens. Ganoderma can make you more resistant to allergens, good news for those who are prone to break out in hives or sneezes because of various triggers. 
 • Lower cholesterol levels. Those who struggle with high cholesterol can take Ganoderma in order to lower it.
 • Maintains blood sugar levels. Ganoderma can actually lower blood sugar levels, thanks to the mushroom's ability to enhance peripheral tissue utilization of glucose as well as its ability to enhance the liver's ability to metabolize glucose. 
 • Higher immunity. Ganoderma can improve your resistance to a wide variety of illnesses, thanks to its high level of antioxidants. It has also been shown to help the body fight bacteria, especially those belonging to the Staphylococci, Streptococci, and Bacillus pneumoniae strains. It even has antiviral properties. Initial studies also suggest that it can actually make you less at risk of developing cancer. It has also been shown to play a key role in slowing down cancel cell growth when combined with green tea. Studies have also shown that Ganoderma can actually impede tumor growth. 
 • Improves blood circulation. Ganoderma can improve blood circulation, and it can even correct blood circulatory imbalance. 
 • Urinary tract infection relief. Those who suffer from bladder problems can take Ganoderma in order to find relief from their problem.
 • Improves metabolism. Ganoderma has been shown to have a positive effect on metabolism, helping people avoid gaining weight. 
 • Anti-aging. The antioxidants in Ganoderma can help combat the free radicals that are known to cause the signs of aging. The mushroom has also long been used to prolong live. 
 • Detoxification. Ganoderma has also been shown to help eliminate the harmful toxins in the body. It can also rejuvenate your cells. 
 • Anti-inflammatory. Ganoderma can actually help fight against inflammation. A study indicated that 50 mg of the powder form of this mushroom creates effects comparable to 5 mg of hydrocortisone. 
 • Helps treat respiratory ailments. Ganoderma has been shown to be a viable medication for bronchitis and bronchial asthma. It can also aid in the regeneration of bronchial epithelium. It has also been shown to work effectively as an expectorant and antitussive that will help flush the mucus in your respiratory system. 
 • Helps prevent altitude sickness. Ganoderma improves blood oxygenation to reduce the possibility of experiencing altitude sickness. In fact, there are Asian mountain climbers who actually take this mushroom in order to avoid experiencing altitude sickness on their climbs. 
 • Has calming effects. Ganoderma may be used to help treat anxiety thanks to its calming effect. These are only some of the benefits attributed to Ganoderma. While it's been shown to have a lot of positive effects on people, do note that this isn't recommended for everyone. Be sure to talk with your doctor before taking any supplements or products containing Ganoderma to ensure that you won't experience any problems due to this mushroom.

DXN Hot Chocolate

Cocoa, which is the key ingredient in chocolates, appeared about 4,000 years ago in the lush Amazon rainforests according to its origin. You will definitely get a better idea on why a single cup of Ganoderma Hot Chocolate is well worth its steep price. You are sure to feel satisfied already even when just thinking of preparing this delicious chocolate mix for the whole family. Your children are sure to receive the nutrients they require especially when the infusion of Organic Red Mushroom extracts provide them plenty of benefits while they enjoy the rich and smooth chocolate flavor of this mixture.

Why online networking

If your answers were mainly yes to the questions above, online network building was invented for YOU! Why online networking? Because there is no nicer thing, when your professional website is working instead of you 24 hours a day! 
If you have decided to go deeper into the mysteries of online networking and to start the building of your financial independence there is a vast of information on the internet. Professional and sefl-styled gurus offer their selves and solutions to your life. I have got a bad news, but this should be clarified in the beginning: it will not run without work! In spite of the professional marketing and other materials, for your succes the most important is YOU! If you have preservance left, read on! 
There is no study available for downolad on this page and i do not want to sell anything to you. I want to attract your attention to an opportunity. My success is guaranteed without you, but for yours you need yourself! Let's see what to do step by step: 

1. You have to decide whether you want to spend several hours of your spare time to deal with this business on the internet, and do you have about 20(twenty) euros of free funds, and if the absence of it will not endanger your and your family's lifestyle. A very important piece of advice! You should only start dealing with this business if you van believe in it, if you can enthues for it, and if you feel you can do it with pleasure. 
But why is it so important? You can read about it in my story.

2. If i absolutely can't dissuade you from making a lot of money happily and a lot of work, click here to fill in the membership contract! 

3. The next nasty step unfortunately can not be avoided , you have to pay the membership fee (20 euro), which includes the presentation folder, and the online networking service support package. 

4. Think of a good website address, because you can have a same marketing website for free. This is a big saving immediately at the beginning. 
Do think this is a good start of the business? Do you think others will be interested? 

5.  In conclusion, you have only two things to do: 

To Study. 
Gain some information in order not to make the mistakes others have already had. To do so, we also provide a free access to the closed, marketing supporting intranet system , where you can find all the knowledge you need for your success. 

To Act 
Get as many people to taste your coffee or tell more people your website's address or the link of the webconference, where a product preview and a business presentation is held every monday. 

As a Bonus at night before you go to bed you can check out your network's evolution. If you work hard, believe me, it won't be a bad feeling :-)!

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What Kind of Coffee do you drink?

What Kind of Coffee do you drink? Don’t really feel like giving up the joys of Coffee but would like to make more health conscious decisions, the solution is here. Drink the benefits of Ganoderma coffee and also sample all the other DXN products and enjoy the difference!

Thanks to the Ganoderma Mushroom, its extract can be mixed with High Quality Arabica coffee from Brazil. This creates a very unique taste, as well as has a very positive effect on the body. Your body accumulates acids which are neutralized by the effects of the Ganoderma mushroom if used regularly. This mushroom will also regulate blood pressure and stabilize the effects of high and low fluctuations in the body. The Ganoderma Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) contains nearly 200 alimentary substances which have positive effects on our body. One of those ingredients is Organic Germanium which is one of the most healing substances in Nature. The Ganoderma Mushroom is a virtuous plant therefore not containing side effects which weaken the body after long term use. In fact, this type of mushroom improves your immune system and helps the body heal itself more rapidly.

Have you ever heard of anyone forgetting to drink their Daily cup of coffee? 
 A great idea was born when DXN decided to mix this potent Ganoderma mushroom with a staple product in the daily lives of so many people around the world. In today’s consumption of this potent product, DXN is the world’s largest producer having over 4 million daily consumers in 100 countries.. DXN is also proud to say that they are one of only a handful of companies manufacturing this product with no artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives. Five of these coffee varieties were produced for the Hungarian market alone.