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“DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers. This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 28th biggest direct selling company in the world..”

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DXN webshop in UK and in USA!

Here you can buy a DXN products online webshop in England, and even join in if you want to be a regular customer, or perhaps even business facilities are also interested in:


Here you can buy a DXN products online webshop in USA, and even join in if you want to be a regular customer, or perhaps even business facilities are also interested in:


DXN - first ganoderma MLM company!

With its headquarters in Malaysia, DXN lives by certain guiding principles in its day to day operation, these are; “One Dragon”, “One World One Market” and “One Mind”. DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers. This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 28th biggest direct selling company in the world.

The DXN Ganoderma farm is well recognized for its unique traits in the cultivation of its high quality Ganoderma. These distinctions are the following: Suitable Climate - Warm and humid environment, with temperatures ranging from 26oC to 27oC. Clean Water - with pH maintained between 7.0 and 7.9. Fresh Air - the farms are located away from the populated and polluted areas to ensure that our products are free from toxins. Organic Cultivation - natural materials such as rice chaff and sawdust are used instead of fertiliser, insecticide and steroid. This method produces more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements such as enzyme, coenzyme, amino acid, vitamins, carbohydrate and other trace elements which help to improve the crop's quality, quantity, growth and resistance to pests. Tissue Culture Method - one million pieces of Ganoderma are produced from a highest quality single mother plant. Suspension Arrangement Method - used to avoid the pervasion of unwanted ingredients into the Ganoderma, thus the growth and quality of Ganoderma are assured.

The DXN Linghzi farm occupies a 70 hectare property which is the largest Linghzi farm in Malaysia and the first Malaysian Linghzi farm to receive an MS ISO 14001:2004 certificationfrom Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance since July 2000. This ensures that all activities for cultivating the Ganoderma are met with MS ISO 14001;2004 standards and comply with the legal requirements set forth by the department of the environment. In November of 2007, the DXN Linghzi farm was accredited by the Malaysian Organic Scheme ( Skim Organik Malaysia) certification by the department of agriculture, peninsular Malaysia (Jabatan Pertanian Semenanjung Malaysia) which meets the Standards of MS 1529:2001 certified Organic Farm. The DXN pharmaceutical factory occupies and area of over 34,000 Square Meters and is equipped with state of the art technologies for the processing of the Ganoderma. This factory if the first of its kind in Malaysia that has been granted the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certification from the ministry of health and Aging Australia and is also accredited with MS ISO 9001:2000 certifications from the Lloyd’s Register of Quality assurance since September of 1999. It is also amongst the first companies to receive the GMP (Good Manufacturing practice) certification from the national Pharmaceutical control bureau and the ministry of health in Malaysia. The two DXN coffee processing factories have a total manufacturing area of over 42,000 Square Meters which include modern facilities for the manufacturing of complete line of food and beverage ranges.

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20th Anniversary celebrations at PICC on 17 November 2013.

DXN has just celebrated the twentieth anniversary. Many of the leaders of the Hungarian DXN went out to personally take part in the ceremony. It was a reward trip is part of what qualified as a team on the basis of turnover. After four days in one of the most famous five-star beach resort rested, DXN leaders from around the world were received. About I'm sharing pictures and videos. Join and you can walk through the world with us!

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Why Coffee-Business?

Why Coffee-Business? 

 The Industry - Consumption Facts Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world. Coffee is second only to oil in world trade employing more than 25 million people in the industry. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with 1.4 billion cups consumed every day. Coffee grows in more than 50 countries and is the second largest export in the world after oil (in dollar value).

- 2.4 billion pounds of coffee are sold per year in the United States, representing 1/3 of all coffee exported. 
- The USA is the world's largest consumer of coffee. 
- Coffee is the world's most popular stimulant: 4 out of 5 Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day. 
- The average American adult consumes over 10 lbs. of coffee per year. 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the U.S. comes from coffee 57% of all coffee is consumed at breakfast. 
- More than half of the United States population consumes coffee typically drinking 3.4 cups of coffee a day. 
- Canadians drink over 15 billion cups of coffee a year, making coffee Canada's favorite hot beverage. 
- Last year in Britain, £623 million was spent on coffee. Britain consumes 500g of coffee per person per year. 
- Australians consume 60% more coffee than tea, a six-fold increase since 1940. 
- Scandinavia has the world's highest per capita annual coffee consumption, 26.4 pounds.

DXN COFFEE – A Healthy Alternative World's First Healthy Coffee: A brilliant delivery method combining Ganoderma Lucidum with rich coffee. A proprietary standardized extract of six rare strains of precious Ganoderma Lucidum. Over 2,000 years of documented history validating that Ganoderma Lucidum is the “Miraculous King of Herbs.” Some 400,000 pages documenting extensive interest in Ganoderma Lucidum today. Flavored to perfection. Priced competitively—200% below market price per cup.

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My Story!

Welcome to My Website! I'm Nagy Gabor!
My story started after 40 years of disease - all summer long allergies, choking, coughing - I found informations about the chance for treatment and healing without medicines!
After this I’ve  turned towards the world of dietary supplements and found the opportunity of my healing with leaving all my meds!
As an entrepreneur, I’ve sympathized with the acquisition of MLM type of income for a long while but the methods I've seen and experienced were extraneous to me all the time. Although the products of the company were good for my health I was not interested in the business opportunity.

I have not been able to manipulate, mislead people, and invite them to buy expensive starter kits for join to a system which was full of built-in pressures and pitfalls. I thought there were only few people who were able to reach real passive income with less investment of hard work.
In 2008, however, due to a serious health problem and the failure of our traditional business I met with a company whose products had helped my full recovery. After knowing the business model of the company I could solve my financial problems too!

After I got acquainted with DXN and the amazing effects of Ganoderma I use DXN products with fully satisfaction and pleasure. The ganoderma coffee, cocoa and tea had become  favorites for my whole family. Dietary supplements of DXN help me to tide over the whole summer without medical symptoms.
A lot of negative things that kept me off from MLM network building were not in evidence here at DXN. Thanks to theese I work with good and untroubled conscience and I got many new friends but no foes during this time.
DXN provided to me professional online tools and with the help of theese I could build an international network marketing business with using my computer at home over 3000 members in more than 40 countries. Nowadays I receive commissions after theese 3000 members’ consumptions!
Since the European market is opening now we are looking for leaders in all countries who could see the opportunity in the healthy Ganoderma coffee,  and a company that has been proven for 20 years already, it has 5 million members worldwide now, and that company assumes the 28th place amongst the top MLM companies.
In the next few years there will going to join at least one million people in Europe, and the incomes of this business activities would provide creature comforts for many European families! I’m already with them and if you’ll join us, we will do all our best for you and the members of your network to generate commissions to you with their each coffee consuming!
If you are interested in, it might be your best decision of your life to join us. I think not only your health, but your wallet would be happy about it too!

You can join us here:

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Ganoderma Coffee

Caffeine is known to stimulate the bodys nervous system causing an instant jolt that later on staves off and leaves a person craving for another fix. For busy workers who have to log in excessively long hours or assume projects that entail erratic schedules, the energy boost coffee provides is an indispensable benefit. But once blood sugar levels start falling leaving one more tired and restless, it becomes evident that coffees temporary enhancing power doesnt provide the body with the energy it actually needs.If this doesn't seem to be a cause for concern, think again. 

Caffeine can affect the central brain causing fluctuating appetite, anxiety, and confusion. Before one notices, cold sweats, muscular tremors, and increased heartbeats are breaking out. While its sensible to bring back centeredness with the aid of an invigorating and accessible beverage, compromising ones well-being isnt an option. Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom, traditionally used in Japan and China as a medicinal herb that combats chronic and degenerative diseases, has been combined with peoples favorite coffee beans to produce Ganoderma or Gano coffee.
 It presents a healthy alternative to drinkers, streamlining coffee to what its supposed to berich, aromatic, and less superficially energy giving. Each regular java cup contains about 150-200 mg of caffeine while Gano coffee only contains 9 mg. Its stress-relieving quality enables one to concentrate longer, sleep sounder, and operate calmer. This is in part caused by increased oxygenation in the brain and prevention of neurotransmitter reduction which is associated to ingesting stimulants. 
In addition, stimulants, if taken on a regular basis, cause a depletion of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the long haul. Low serotonin levels lead to decreased immunity, an irony considering the everyday boost one tries to derive from drinking coffee. Ganoderma addresses this by strengthening the bodys immune system and allowing it to fight various pathogens. Another point to consider is caffeines low pH balance. 
A pH value of less than the neutral 7 indicates acidity. While the body strives to maintain a balanced pH, caffeine with approximately 5.5 pH counters this effort by making it difficult for the body to incorporate nutrients. Ganoderma, meanwhile, contains a neutral pH of 7.3 to 7.5, enabling the body to efficiently regenerate cells and detoxify. Despite these advantages, it is still best to integrate varied nutrients into ones diet. Ganoderma may cause dry throat and nose, offset anticoagulants and chemotherapeutic agents, and bring nausea. Its benefits, on the other hand, far outweigh the possible disadvantages.

 For best results, settle for a larger span of nutritious foods instead of depending on one super vitamin. With regard to packaging, Ganoderma coffee is as versatile as the old standard coming in mocha, chocolate, or ginseng varieties, instant, 3-in-1, or brewed forms. Old habits are hard to undo but these options may take ones mind off the idea that Gano coffee is something less than coffee. Most people think of relatively new concepts as mere alternatives but Gano coffee steps outside this label. It provides a healthy choice without reducing the familiarly savory quality of coffee drinkers are accustomed to and attempts to offer profits far more than what one expects from the usual cup.